Thursday, August 02, 2012

Solat Eid Adha


Eidul Adha

Once again we have all been blessed by Allah (SWT) to witness and celebrate this great day of Eid Al-Adha. Eid Al-Adha basically means, 'the festival of sacrifice in Islam'.

On this day, Muslims are reminded about that great trial, which Prophet Ibrahim (AS) or Prophet Abraham (PBUH) was put to, of sacrificing his young son Prophet Ismail (AS) or Prophet Ishmael (PBUH). Prophet Ibrahim (AS) complied to the command of Allah (SWT) and fully succeeded in it.

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is regarded as the champion of Monotheism. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is one of the most favorite prophets of Allah (SWT) who is held him in very high esteem.

The Holy Quran speaks extensively about Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Infact the name of Ibrahim has appeared in the Holy Quran 69 times. He has been given many beautiful names and titles such as:
Holy Quran speaks extensively about Prophet Ibrahim (AS)Khaleelullah (Friend of Allah)
Siddiq (The Truthful)
Nabi (The Prophet)
Imam (The leader)
Muslim (One who submits to One God)
Haneef (A non-deviant Monotheist)
Ummah (A Nation)

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