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Celebrating The Birthday of Fatimah Az Zahrah a.s. - On 15th Jun 2009

Fatimah az-Zahra
(Peace be Upon her)
Title: az- Zahra'.
Agnomen: Ummu 'l-A'immah.
Father's name: Muhammad ibn `Abdillah.
Mother's name: khadijah bint khuwaylid.
Birth: Born in Mecca of Friday, 20th jumada ` th-thaaniyah in the fifth year after the declaration of the prophet - hood (615 AD).
Death: Died at the age of 18 in Medina on 14th Jumada ' l-ula 11 AH ( 632 AD); buried in the graveyard called Jannatul-Baqi in Medina.

HADRAT FATIMAH, was the only daughter of the Holy Prophet and Hadrat khadijah. the circumstances of her birth are described by Hadrat khadijah as follows: At the time of the birth of Hadrat Fatimah, I sent for my neighboring qurayshite women to assist me. They flatly refused, saying that I had betrayed them by supporting Muhammad. I was perturbed for a while, when , to my great surprise, I sighted four strange tall women with halos around them , approaching me.

Finding me dismayed, one of them addressed me thus, " O Khadijah! I am Sarah, the mother of Ishaq, and the other three are, Mary the mother of Christ, Asiyah the daughter of Muzahim, and Umm kulthum, the sister of Moses. We have all been commanded by God to put our nursing knowledge at your disposal." saying this, all of them sat around me and rendered the services of midwifery till my daughter Fatimah was born.

The motherly blessings and affection received by Hadrat Fatimah were only for five years, after which Hadrat Khadijah left for her heavenly home . Hereafter the Holy Prophet brought her up.
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  1. ahlul beit fatimah azzahra penghulu wanita di syurga


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