Friday, March 19, 2010


The Holy Prophet saww is on record saying,

“Eat quince because it enhances your intelligence, removes worries and makes the child gentle." (Makarim al akhlaq, v 1, p. 196)

The Prophet saww also said:

“Eat quinces and present it’s good fruits to your friends because it improves the eyesight and makes the hearts mellow. The pregnant women too draw lots of benefit from this fruit and their new born children are pretty and healthy." (Makarim al akhlaq, v 2, p. 116.


Quince is an excellent source of Vitamin C and quince cannot be eaten raw for it is too bitter. When cooked however it is becomes a deliciously sweet and aromatic flavour.

From a health perspective, research has shown that quince is rich in potassium, dietary fibre and anti-viral properties. When regularly consumed it aids digestion and lowers cholesterol.

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