Thursday, March 25, 2010

Imam Ali Ridha as

Virtual Pilgrimage

Honorable users can click on the Virtual Pilgrimage Part to see Holy Shrine virtually and also see courtyards and the Holy Zarih burial chamber. Imam Reza's (AS) sepulcher is the Kebleh (center-point) for Imam's lovers throughout the world. Manically, Imam's lovers in spite of frequent afflictions, with yearning desire in their hearts, hasten to go on pilgrimage for visiting His shining Zarih and sometimes in their privacy, they become restless due to the zeal of pilgrimage so that they wish they could be always in the presence of Imam, Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS), to greet Him politely, but all the people are not able to do it permanently.

Astan-e-Quds-e-Razavi has made it possible to access the Virtual Pilgrimage thorough the Internet sites by preparing the ground for this connection so that you can be admitted to your merciful Imam's presence whenever or wherever you want. For connecting to Virtual Pilgrimage Database and seeing Virtual Reality World, you have to use a proper software connector. For this purpose, it is offered to use Cosmo Player software.

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