Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fatima's Progeny

The early injustices done by Abu Bakr against Lady Fatima Zahra (A), paved the way for his offspring to do the same against the Prophet's progeny. Sayyid Safdar Hussain, in his valuable book The Early History of Islam p.242, summarized the wrongdoings committed by the Bakrs (the descendants of Abu Bakr) against Fatima (A) and her descendants in several points. He wrote:

"History shows that Abu Bakr himself and his whole family (excepting Asma and her son Muhammad) were hostile to the Prophet's family, in utter disregard to what the Quran ordained or what the Prophet had said relating to the respect and love for his family. The following is the list of those whose hostility was distinctively marked:

1. Abu Bakr, on his accession to the Caliphate, sent Umar to Fatima's house to compel Ali, by force, to come in and do fealty to him. Umar threatened to burn the house down upon Fatima, and brought Ali under escort to Abu Bakr where he was so humiliated and insulted that he cried bitterly at the tomb of the Prophet complaining against the treatment he had received. Subsequently, Fatima was so much grieved by Abu Bakr that as long as she survived her father, she never spoke a word to Abu Bakr and on her deathbed she forbade his joining her funeral.

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