Cancer study adds to olive oil's list of virtues

A golden liquid at the heart of the Mediterranean diet has been given a new virtue to add to its seemingly magical list of properties for promoting a long and healthy life.

Research published today suggests olive oil may stave off bowel cancer, as well as combating heart disease, breast cancer, and diabetes, strokes and gallstones.

Tests on rats fed a cancer-inducing agent found they developed fewer tumours when their diet included olive oil.


Spain bans 'cancerous' cheap oil

Spain's traditional love of olive oil took a battering yesterday when the government ordered about 10% of stocks off the shop and kitchen shelves because of a cancer fear.

It was acting on the discovery that some cheap de orujo olive oil was found to contain potentially dangerous levels of the carcinogen benzopirene.

Truly ancient Greeks

Want to live to be old - and healthy? Then move to the Mediterranean, avoid stress, climb hills and soak yourself in olive oil.

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